Manifesto of an international candidate

My main goal is making our university a more ’International Friendly Place’.

My Agenda / Poster:

1. Make International Students feel more ’Inclusive’:
I would like to achieve the goal of implementing English as one of the official languages in council meetings, student activities and any other events. This, in my opinion, would make international students more interested in the day to day activities of the university.

2. ’Integrat ing’ International Students with Finnish students:
I would like to create an atmosphere where there is a higher interaction between local finnish students and international students. It could be the exchange of knowledge, culture or learning the actual language. If I am elected, I would like to create a ’World Week’ in 3 different locations (Agora, Main Library and Kortepohja) with other student organizations (ESN, IDESCO and AISEC) where every day will be dedicated to each continent and students from that continent can come up and sign up for their name and meet Finnish people and also sign up for different cultural exchange programs and each one teach one. 
I’m hoping that this will create a more integrated living atmosphere as students do not need to make extra efforts to make new friends; they can just pass by and say hello and sign up for our ’matching list’.


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